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The Flood
by Francesco Merlini

76 pages
17 x 22,7 cm
Hardcover with obi

Published by VOID

First edition of 500 - July 2021

Tragedy in classical theory is supposed to inspire both pity and terror, but the daily horror and violence of world news often leave us struggling to produce those responses. No one can really feel on cue the emotions apparently required of us by a daily news stream of anniversaries of bombings and economies on the brink. But a hippo being shot with a tranquilizer dart in a flooded city street is another matter entirely.

Jonathan Jones

In the threshold of reality and symbolism, Francesco Merlini’s "The Flood" deals with the reminiscence of the disaster that hit Tbilisi in 2015. People died, many families became homeless, a zoo destroyed, and a city in shock. The city became a wilderness full of dangerous beasts. The zoo lost more than 300 animals. An influential head of the Georgian Orthodox Church blamed the floods on the "sin" of the former Communist regime. Which, he said, built the zoo in its current location using money raised from destroying churches and melting down their bells.

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